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HAHA, funny race with a ’Stang 5.0 V8!!!!

  CTR EK9 turbo

Off the lights special: (same place where i was toasted by the fiesta turbo xr2 thingy) anyway, i was in the left lane, the mustang 5.0 was in the right lane. I looked over and it was a middle aged women driving it, so i smiled and she blipped the throttle of the throbbing small(!) block. Before the lights changed she started to hold the revs higher (manual) as to get ready for a launch! i was most suprised and did the same! lights went green and off she went! "bbrrrrrrrrrraaab (noise from V8)" and she gets infront, but my wheel spinning ceases and my revs reach 5000+ and i get past quickly as she changes gear, i get into second and gain some more, third, gain a bit more but she wasnt that far behind! those things are quick! and it was such a funny race, ive never raced anything like that before, especially with a middle aged 40+ woman going for it! haha, really good fun, but yet another slay for the beaut.

I thought It would has pissed on you from a great hieght, think of all that torque Surely at motorway speed it would have the upper hand?
  CTR EK9 turbo

Yeah, i thought i was going to get roasted! the good thing about my car is that i can rev it till the cows come home, especially with the new ecu, so while she was farting about changing gear i was just getting past 6500 revs and shooting past. My second gear is really good too, and i seemed to pull away quite well. It was only the 5.0 litre V8, but ENGINE: V8 5.0 ACCELERATION: 0-60- 6.4 sec, 225 bhp and 300 lb/ft at 3200 rpm - quarter mile in 15 secs. It should have wasted me! mustve been down to the driver
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

If it does 0-60 in 6.4 it is only 0.2 seconds faster than a Mk1 clio (evo stats), a clio should do 1/4 mile in 15.01 approx so why did you think you would get toasted? With these stats it is down to the driver and since it was a woman (joke) you should have toasted her especially as your clio is moded.
  CTR EK9 turbo

I did win by the way! I just thought id get beaten because i was unsure of the stats, and because they are rear wheel drive i knew it would get a better start (i got wheelspin). But I beat it.

I recently did a 1000km trip up the Australian coast, spent about 2 hours traffic hopping on the main hgighway with a Holden VU SS Ute (think 5.7L 225kw v8 motor). We would pull out of a line of cars at 90kph, go flat to the floor up to 160-180kph then tuck back into the line of cars. There definately wasnt much in it in terms of speed or acceleration, but Im guessing my fuel bill would have been smaller.

Having finalyl gotten my Mk2 up to 200kph+ on the same trip Im in awe of how stable the chassis is at speed. Totally amazing! Was very nice to spend 8 hours in the car at good high speeds over a variety of roads again!