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Handbrake Cable Snapped.

  ITB BG 182
Car has been for its MOT and the handbrake drivers side went pop when they tested it.
Renault want £30 per cable and its needed on special delivery also.
And is £70 a fair price for fitment for two cables? As im having both done incase the other one snaps soon.

Also can anyone recommend me going some where other than renault for the cables?


Seems a decent price that. Can't suggest anywhere else to try unless GSF stock them?

Is it snapped from the adjuster back?


ClioSport Club Member
renault only part, GSF and euro list it but when you get it its for a rear drum car :(

i had mega bother a year ago when both snapped and renault couldnt get them for over a month and no one else done them, had to go a month without a car couldnt even get a 2nd hand one