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I have had my Clio 172 for 6 weeks now. And I must say what a car! I am so impressed with the accelration and handling. It also does not look like a boy racer car (I am 43!) and that suits me fine.

The problem I have is the handling under braking. Do all Clio 172s pull at every camber and contour of the road? It seems to feel every bump! I spoke to someone who stated it was the torque steering?? I was seriously thinkink of having it in for a safety check until a couple of people told me thats how the car is, and its fun!!

Any enlightment on this I would be very grateful before I make an arse of myself at the local Renault garage!!

So much for the F***cking experts then, it is quite off putting though, apart from that what a babe, sex on wheels!

Hi Neal,

43 eh ?

Though I was over the hill at 45 LOL...

Old gits rule eh ?? hee hee

Regarding the braking ?? ,, Mine does not do that at all. !

how many mile have ya got on it ?..

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Yerr mine Tramlines as well, bit of a bugger, Also Torque steers like... something that torque steers alot.

1800 miles at the mo. I still dont think its right, all this pulling, and its not just to one side, it varies.

The only other things is that it feels like it wants to take off under accelration...... but that makes me smile :)

Havent had to brake that hard yet!!
I would change one thing and thats the wheels, a car like this needs chunkier wheels! A wolf in sheeps clothing it certailny is and I like that.

I would also change the weather, I am pissed off with cleaning the wheels!! I do like a nice clean shiney car!

Neal, leave the wheels, they are fine

I think you may need another 2k on the clock, the suspension is a bit like ... errr .. hard.. to start with.... it DOES soften up a fraction at about 3-4000 miles.... it alters the handling too as it beds in.

I notice that your car may be Dutch, if so it could well have brake assist on it.. maybe tc too...

If you are up in the north anytime, try mine... compare it..


Chhers Joe,

I am in Berkshire so no chance there! I will leave it a while longer and see.

As I said apart from that wouldnt change much at all, ohh apart from those bloddy headlight sensors! Pain in the arse sometimes :)

And I think it does have brake assit and tc on it, me not being mechanically minded does not help matters!!

Whatever brake assist and tc mean!

No probs Neal, give it a few k more miles, hopefully it will be fine.

also, check the back disks ... they take LOTS of miles to bed in properly..

From 800 miles to 2800 miles, I had a full car with 5 adults as my bro was visiting from canada.. I am sure that settled my suspension in LOL.. the car brakes superbly, but did tend to tramline a bit when new.


tc is traction control.. try spinning the wheels ??.

brake assist will apply brake from the abs to the wheel that has lost traction, (This is not the same as TC which works on the throttle valve motor) the brake assist is a last resort really.. for when god intended you to be in the scenery, not alongside it LOL.....

K thanx , will keep u posted. Tis all new to me as I am used to bikes, this is the first new/performance car I have owned so I am a bit wet behind the ears.
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Errr well most cars will pull all over the place if youre braking hard into a corner. Thats why once youre used to the brakes and how they load up, you should brake as late and hard as possible in a straight line, then get straight on the go pedal and give it as much throttle as it will take without running wide, just clipping the apex of the bend, then once youre into the exit floor it keeping the wheels roughly straight ahead until you clip the outside of the exit of the bend; then straighten up and keep it floored.

Well maybe you shouldnt use that technique on the open road, but it should do the job on the track!

Seriously I wouldnt worry too much about it pulling when you brake on corners. If it pulls to one side when you slam on the brakes in a straight line then you should worry.