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Hard Braking

Hey guys,

Ever since i got my Clio 172 mk II i honestly never really sped much.... hehehehe... but now that i have it im on the verge of loosing my license!! so basically i have no experience with high speed driving.

Is it normal for the car to pull hard to one side when braking hard from say 60mph?? actually more than that... i was chasing a v6 magna at about 140km/h and got scared when i realised the speed limit was 90km/h... so i braked seriously hard and the car started steering itself from left to right.. kinda like torque steer...

is this because the steering wheel was slightly off centre when i braked??

is this normal??


no that is not normal mate and i would get it sorted asap

i know people who have crashed cos of brakes pulling to a side.

could be as simple as sorting your tracking, but id take it up to renault soon.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

basically i have no experience with high speed driving.

Have a look at and book yourself on one of their Driving Academy days. Roamer, Desmondo and I did one last month & it was a great day. Learned loads and had a really good laugh. I think it was £79 for the day.

Youve spent loads on a brilliant performance car. Its gotta be worth another £79 to learn how to exploit it!!

Thanks guys... but unfortunately i live in Australia... so cant really make the trip down.. hehehe...but a defensive driving course or trackday etc is definately on my schedule sometime...

So can i just get a confimation on the brake issue..... Thanks John, mate im worried now...... so u mean its not really normal for a car to pull hard to one side or another during hard braking?

That IS normal i think!!!

Mine doesnt just steer one way but boats about from left to right even on flat roads!

Scares that absolute parc out of me!

You should be able to search for the thread where we all disucssed 172 braking on here, try looking for the words Braking, Boating and Idiot (seriously)

Or as we are on this ultra cool new forum u might be able to search for the topic starter (me)

There was lots said about the whole topic there

Hope that helps

Mav and Angelica