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Braking Fault, ABS, Service, Stop and Handbrake lights - electrical issues?

  Renault Clio 3 GT
Hi everyone, having a bit of an electrical nightmare recently with my 2009 Clio 3 GT 1.6.
Back in November/December I suddenly started to get mystery battery drains overnight, during the troubleshooting I was disconnecting, charging and reconnecting the battery a lot. During this time once or twice when using the car I also had the Braking Fault, ABS, Service, Stop and Handbrake lights sometimes pop on the dash after starting the car, which I assumed to just be related to all the battery issues.

Eventually found the culprit for the battery drain to be a faulty ignition fuse relay - swapped it out for a new one and voila, no more dead battery. However, the aforementioned dash lights were still occasionally popping up after starting up the car (once every couple of weeks maybe). I could get them to go out though by doing the steering angle calibration procedure I read about online (full lock on the steering either side then driving a few metres).
Recently the lights came on again and now they stay on the whole time, calibration no longer works.

I had new front brake discs and pads fitted back in October and the ABS is functioning fine as far as I'm aware (had to brake very hard recently while the lights were on and no skidding). Took the car back to the garage that fitted the brakes, they checked the reluctor rings and abs sensor wires, all seemed fine. Diagnostics gave code:

Df017 ABS Computer Supply Fault or Internal Electronic Problem.

I've also had a check of all ABS-related fuses and they are fine.

So I'm a bit stumped at the minute. The car is otherwise functioning absolutely normal. Could it be a faulty steering angle sensor? Some sort of more hidden electrical issues?