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has anyone fitted quad headlights on their phase 1

i just bought a set today and the instructions seem a little confusing, ive not looked at the original mounting points etc, just seems lots of wires etc!!! how easy are they to fit??? will it make more sense when ive got the old ones out?? cheers guys
  BMW 320d Sport

Leigh did it on his Willy. Id suggest getting the old ones out and then see how you get on. I seem to remember it didnt look that complicated in Leighs engine bay.

ok ill wait for the covers to come back from the bodyshop first, it says in the instructions to fully assemble them, then fit them, so many different cars have them done, im sure it cant be too hard!!! cheers

not that it was a clio but helped a mate fit a set to his Mk3 Golf last week, definately worth trying to assemble, wire up and test them "loose" before screwing them in or you may need to find someone with very small hands to help get all the wiring sorted!