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Has anyone NOT had problems with their 172

well since theres been alot of threads about things going wrong about some positive feedback about qaulity ...well has anyone had a problem free 172 life ???????????

  Renault Laguna Coupe

The only thing thats happened to mine was the seatbelt pretensioner / airbag light fault. Renault knew about that already but didnt do a recall. Apart from that its been *perfect*. Its done 8000 miles since I bought it in March this year, so quite a high mileage really. Its the most reliable car Ive had for a few years thats for sure.

BTW I wouldnt expect too many replies. Not because all 172s are problematic, but because to proudly state that youve had no problems is tempting fate a bit too much!

Had mine since mid July and it it going great. No problems so far (touch wood) apart from losing my washer balls for the lights but that is no big deal. Goes like a train and I love it ! Would not change it for anything around the same price now !


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Two problems with mine - one from the start was when I found water in the spare wheel well, which was sorted by applying the missing sealant to the rear bumper. Dry ever since. The othere problem was the failure of the external temperature sensor which was replaced under warranty. No probs since - touch wood.
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I dont think that I have ever read about anyone who has had any serious problems. The only problems I read about are small things that are made worse by the dealers. The cars themselves are pretty good and Im really impressed with the quality of the components (plastics etc.) used in the car.

Example of a problem.
My fuel lights was erratic! Took it to dealer and they replaced the speedo head problem fixed BUT they forgot to screw the dashboard down properly!!! So went back for them to fix it! they damaged the dashboard so my Im wating for a new dashboard. Not a huge problem just inconvenient

So I reackon that if you could find the perfect dealer you would have the perfect car!!!!!

no real problems with mine - front top seal on windscreen "blew/came" off and was replaced under warranty and a belt made a noise and was replaced under warranty - both times no hassle from dealer and mine is an import - so conclusion is that I think mine is GREAT !!!!!
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Only probs have been: banging under acceleration (fixed - common problem with mk.1s), gear box has just been replaced (could be the way i drive?), rusty paint (another mk.1 prob). Everything about the car is amazing. Ever since i got mine back after not having it for 2 and a half weeks ive realised how much i really like it and missed it.

Ive had two, the first was the proverbial bag of sh*te! The present one is first class, no problems and a lot, lot faster!!


  Shiny red R32

Ben, I used Chingiamwasted and it hasnt been returned to me so I presume it is on its way to you.

Have you received it yet?

had my Mark 1 just over a year now and done 11000 miles in it (never done that mileage in a year before,but its just a great car).
Not really had any problems serious enough.had the water leak problem (fixed it myself),had a leaky foglight,(fixed that myself) and have that faulty airbag light,which i just push back in place under the seat,so no problems really,touch wood.
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BenR, I guess you have a mailbox problem. Just because some replys done by me never came back as undelivered and I dont receive a report of delivery either.

email, gone in smoke?

IAmWasted.Com eheh, right on the spot!

i hope there is no mailbox problem!!
but i did get 2 emails to which i replied....what did yoiu send that i did not reply to?
  FRST and 106 GTi

BenR, till now Ive sent to you 4 emails, two of them were replys. From those I have not received even a delivery report. :/

isnt your mailbox from ?

maybee the email is bouncing off the mailbox... sometimes happens at free email mailbox.

i have replied to all teh emails you sent me about the N02 and your friends cars, about your 1.4 must have got my replies as you mailed me back!!

No problems with mine, even to the point of having hardly any rattles! Mines done 9.5kmiles. The only issue is the exhaust rattle at about 4250rpm which I get when cruising on MWay at around 85mph, so I either 80 or 90mph. Hardly used any oil either. No paint problems, no starting problems, no water leaks, the only issue maybe is the drivers floor mat is wearing a bit thin.

Hi havent posted before, but felt i would share my problems with you. Bout my 172 about 5 months ago as an import from a company called tins. Ran the car in to 1000 and all was good until I was driving down the M25 in the fast lane doing about 90-100 mph and the rear driverside tyre blew, long story short it was a defective tyre, more to do with having kerbed the wheel and lifted the pressure off the tyre, wasnt my fault was forced into kerb by old git in wrong lane at roundabout (no offense old gits). I got the spare replaced and shortly after noticed a strange noise from the engine( a sort of rattle), not knowing anything about cars i called the nearest renault garage who said they couldnt see it for 2 weeks, they did however say they doubted it was anything serious and it would be fine to drive. noise continued and finally got car in to garage, they told me it would take less then a day so i didnt bother with a courtesey car. Got a call about 4:30 the same day to say the fault was worse then they thought and they would need the car for at least another day.

I got a lift down the garage and spoke to the service manager who said he thought the fault could be related to the fact the oil was still clear and there was oil in the sump, his explanation was someone (me) had had an oil leak, then run the car without oil, then got the leak repired and topped up the oil. I told him that not only would i not have done that, but it seemed very illogical to do so as the car was under warranty and i would have payed to repair the leak instead of getting renault to do it for free. Seeing as he was accusing me of tampering with the car i asked to speak to the dealer principle who upon hearing it was an import suggested the importers probably did it. he also went into a long winded speech about how importers offer no service and they get crap cars and the renault dealers have to sort them out. I responded by telling him that they come from the same factory so are all Renaults crap? and the dealers make more money off serviceing then sales so why would he complain? he agreed, but still said he thought the importers may have tampered with the car. I then asked about a courtesey car and he said they were all out, I asked for a rental car then as they promise to provide one on the renault website he said he wasnt obligated to do so, I asked if he had a 2nd hand car he could loan me and he refused saying he didnt see why he should. After this i called renault who said they would try and get a car. 3 days later still with no car and after many calls to renault i spoke to the manager of Tins where i purchased the car, he managed to get me a demo from another Pendragon garage within the day and arrange insurance cover. I didnt tell Renault i had got a car through other means and they continued to "try" for the further 2 weeks my car was away, but never succeded. Finally i got my car back with a new engine in it (no further mention of tampering with the oil) and rang Renault again, they had agreed to pay the taxi fares i incurred over the time without my car, they were to say the least a little taken aback at the claim for £600+ worth backed up by reciepts, but they did pay, and so far the car has been ok. Anyway the point of that long winded rant was that I had a major Fault AND Renault managed to make it worse. But the dodgy importer provided far better custumer service then Renault or their garage.