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Has my coil gone? 172

  clio sport cup
Hi... 172 on a x.

erm.. my car sounds likes its misfiring and is not smooth up the rev range, also the engine mangement light is flashing and there is a eggy smell from the cat. I have also noticed unburnt petrol leaking from an exsulst gasket. (after the cat).

Do i need to replace teh coil pack? is that the box on top the engine which the HT leads go into? and is it a case of just unscrewing the box (the four bolts) and putting the new one on (with the HT leads in the correct place).

Also.. how do i get to the spark plugs?
  Ultra 197 ex 172 Cup
you need to ubolt the top half of the engine, its alloy so do it when its cold so it don't buckle, their are 5 bolts, size 13 head i think, 2 at the back by the distributor, 3 at the front or is it 7 bolts and 5 at the front anyway u will see them, remove the air pipe and unplug the little clips that stick to the top of the engie so its easier to remove, remember where the spark plug leads go, if you unplug them all, i just lift it up abit without removing the whole thing. then you will be able to get to the spark plugs easily, i would first of all change the plugs and ht leads, as its cheaper, see if it runs better. when bolting the top part back on don't do the bolts up too tight or you may thread the alloy base, i did this and had to buy a bigger sel tapping bolt to fix my heavy hand.

also while you are playing around their, look at the air pipe and see the little lead that come out of it, run your hand along it to the back where it goes hidden by the distributor and see if its oily under their if, so when you remove the top half the engine, stick a hose clip around it, as you may find the smell is just the oil leaking out of that pipe (its an oil breather pipe) and it drips on the exhaust making nasty smells. okay o :sleepy:
  clio sport cup
not the plugs ... so next stop the leads.. r want 120 quid !!!! for them.. where can i get them cheaper? anyone got any ideas?
  clio sport cup
does matt black have a few? and whats up with teh magnecore ones.. and how come they are so much more expensive than the coilpack
you might want to check someone elses leads on your car before you decide its the leads, and they dont really fail too often.
  clio sport cup
BenR said:
you might want to check someone elses leads on your car before you decide its the leads, and they dont really fail too often.

I took them out and they were all rusty/brownish and one was split !!
Im assume rain somehow go into them.