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Have a watch at this mini gp race

ian Bojo 182

ClioSport Club Member
  FN2 Type R +MK6 Golf
Total waste of time.
Crap show
crap video
How are you to compare the 2
5th gear troweling out the s**t again
  Dirty E91
Yeah, poitnless piece of TV, not informative in the slightest!

If you spend 22K on a mini then you need your head looking at!
At lot of people must need their head looked at then cos they're going for 3 grand over that at the dealers cos demand is so high.

Pointless 5th Gear cr@p again though. VBH tho ;)
Like the way people say £22k is far too much yet will spend the cost of their Clio on mods! A tad hypocritical me thinks...