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head unit help

  Clio 172mk2

ok i had a sony hd in my 106 working fine, took it out about a month ago , now ive decided to put it in my dads primera, ive checked all the wires for positive and negative (black negative constant, yellow + const, red + on ignition , orange + on lights on) , and wired it up correctly , but when i plug the conection into head unit i dont see the voltage on the yellow and black , any ideas

  1.6 16v clio priv

Try swapping the red live and yellow memory wire. I had to do that to puy my sony cdxs2200 into my clio My sony had a plug to plug the red and yellow from the head unit into the yellow memory feed to have the unit always on. If you have these plugs try that if it works just swap them as I said before.
  1.6 16v clio priv

if you got a piece of spare cable try running a cable directly from the battery directly to the power on the head unit. Obviously be very careful where you put this cable as it will be live. If it comes on then its something with the car your putting it in. if not you may have damaged it moving it car to car.

Wont get you much further unless your gonna tap the battery directly but at least youll know whats wrong.

Try getting yourself an electrical tester and see if there is a voltage coming from the wiring loom.

Oh another problem I had it that when I plugged the renault plug into the sony one some of the wires were crossed, orange to red and yellow to black I think but either way make sure red on the car plug corresponds to red on the sony plug etc cant think of owt else though
  Clio 172mk2

bigmonmulgrew yer ive tested all wiresafter the wiring adapter , and alls correct just seems when u plug it in it just shorts the yellow out but doesnt blow a fuse
  1.6 16v clio priv

Might be time to call a proper auto electrician.

If it is shorted It really should blow a fuse. maybe theres a break in the circuit somewhere. Can you use something to check it like an electrical tester. I use a 12v led computer fan... if the circuit is complete the fan comes on.

Basically you need to test the red, yellow and black wires. Using the fan you would connnect the fan af follows

1)Positive on fan to yellow and negative on fan to an earth point (not the black wire)

2)Same as above but positive on fan to red wire

3)Connect the positive on the fan to a permanent live like the battery and the black to the ground black ground wire.

If the fan comes on in 1 and 2 but not 3 there is a break in the negative side of the circuit just connect the black wire from the head unit to a good earth point.

If the fan comes on in 3 but not 1 and 2 there is a blown fuse (check for a second fuse box some cars like to be awkward) or there is a break in the circuit somewhere. You could solve this by wiring the red wire from the head unit directly into the battery, make sure you put a fuse near the battery, and it might be an idea to put a switch in if you dont have a removable face plate.

Failing that call in the pros they might not even charge you much if its just a loose wire somewhere
  Polo + Micra

how did you check the wires?

if you used a multi meter did you check for voltage on a known earth?

because as soon as you pull currrent on a bad earth it will look like the voltage has gone but it just means the earth has risen above 0v
  Clio 172mk2

i used a voltage tester not a posh digital one , has sets of leds 12v - 400v then lights the appropriate led up and the + and negative , i used the black on the final adapter that goes into back of head unit,

black negative

yellow constant +

red + when ignition on

orange + when lights on

getting me mate to test head unit tomorow on his car