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headlight adjusters

I took my head lights to be adjusted as they are rubbish and seem to point towards the floor to much.

they did the passenger one but couldnt do the drivers as the adjuster was broken, i need it to go up as it shines to the floor a bit,

how much is an adjuster ?

i want them sorted before i buy brighter bulbs !


Well there are 2 ways of adjusting the headlights as far as I am aware. The first is using the turny dial thing in the cockpit. When I had a crash once it fudged mine up and it needed to be replaced. All it took was some well placed bullets around the knee cap area to get the garage to do it as part of the original accident qoute. The second way (which me and my mate had to do after alittle knock in a car park once) was just to litterally move the headlight in its brackets. If you pop the bonnet you will see that the headlights arent screwed into cirlular holes, they are in oblong type things. So you can move the headlight around in those holes (you just have to untighten the bolts a bit). I cant think of any other way. But if you do alter them (with the bolts) check to make sure when you use your head light adjuster that your not making the lights miss the road completely. Also pop it down to your local garage and ask them to check the alignment and angles and all that. Cos they can point in virtually any direction but if they are to high or pointing into another drivers eyes then they are illegal and will fail on an MOT or a spot check.


cheers DTWD

yeah the thing under the bonnet is broken and i cant raise the light up so i need a new one, i know ill have 2 take the light out to replace the adjuster

any ideas how much people ?

ill have a go in side the car as well as i never use that


Go to a scrappers. If you can find a non front ender then you should definatly be ok. If its had a front end you may not be so lucky. But from a scrapper probably a couple of £. One near me has a great attitude. If its difficult to get out and he hasnt got one already out of a car and you have to go get it yourself he knocks more off the price the more work you have to put in to get it out.


The cable adjusters on older valvers can jam up, and are awkward to replace. If you disconnect the cable from behind the headlight, you will see the lever it connects to which adjusts the whole angle of the headlight inner shell. Move the lever to the required position, and tie it in position (I did mine with tie wraps)

Quote: Originally posted by matbrown on 03 December 2002

Cool, wheres that?

It doesnt really deal with the public. But its near where I live. Its a friend of a friends uncle brothers girlfriends cousen or something.


must be a common problem, my 95 clio is the same the lights would be fine, if they werent aimed at the floor!! with the adjuster on the dash adjusted right up, but i dont care im picking up my extreme on saturday :)

I spoke to reno for a new head light and they wanted £55 +vat and had to order

LR spares in tilbury wanted £40 in stock or i can get one from one of their cars

im taking the light out the weekend to see if i need to buy one of if its just stuck as it wont go up !

Cant you just adjust one and then put take the adjuster and fit it to the other light and adjust that ? Or is this tooo much work ? Wouldnt cost a bean!

The adjuster are part of the headlight and are not swappable. I guarantee that the cables (one per headlight) between the in-car adjuster and the headlights, is crapped up and jammed in the cable itself. See my post above for easy solution