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headlight up and down movement

Hi i ve searched the forum and cant find anywhere how to adjust the main beams on my xenons upwards, as it failed its MOT on main beams too low !


  mk2ph1 rsi 106rallye
would be your dip beam that is too low check your dial in the car is set to zero. you adjust it by an alenkey bolt on the headlight servo. there is a set hight they need to be so can just guess it need to use a beam setter.


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
There are 2 white plastic allen screws behind the lights , well there are 4 actually , but the 2 you can clearly see raise the lights up and down . Iirc you have to do it with the engine running or they will revert back to the original position if you do it with the engine off the next time you start it .