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Headlight Washers

Hey was just wandering if anyone else has a problem with their headlight washers on their clios- i remember people going on about loosing the wee ball bit in them, but its not been till recently that i have noticed mine dont actualy work atall. With the winter here, my car is getting so dirty so fast and i noticed that the washers arent cleaning my headlamps- the water just treacles out them down the front bumper- anyone else had this problem and now how to fix it?

any help much appreciated, thanks.


I have got the same problem. I think somthing might be blocked. The driver side washer leaks once in a blue moon. It has been taken back to reno digbeth(Birmingham) once and thy said it was working fine! Anybody know the fix to the washer problem??????




  Audi TT Stronic

You have to have your headlights on for the washers to work, otherwise it just does your windscreen.

You probably know this but just incase I thought I would post this info

Yeh i knew that they had to be on in the first place and you can hear them try and spray but the water isnt coming out at any decent pressure. There must be some sort of blockage somewhere along the system.