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Headlights not working

  Audi A6 Avant S-Line

I know this may be a simple fix of changing the bulbs but my headlights have both stopped working at the same time, I have checked the fuses and they're all fine, just seems a bit odd them both not working at the same time.

Due to me working late shift this week I have to drive home in the dark, what would you say would be a better idea until tomorrow

sidelights only, sidelights and fogs, sidelights and main beam?

  clio trophy No56
Get a taxi or the bus.
Driving with no light in the dark = :dead:.
This happened to me not too long ago, although it was a side light and a headlight that went out within a few hours of each other, drove to the garage the next day and put new bulbs in and all ok, no probs since.
  172 Cup & Clio dci Van
sorry to dig up an old thread but did you find out what the problem was?
my mrs ph1 both the headlights stopped working...bulbs are fine, all fuses inside the car are fine...