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Headliight Adjustment Direction

  Clio 172
I've just changed the headlights on my 172. I screwed out the adjusters on the self levelling motors as much as possible to make fitting them a little easier. One I unscrewed too far and it popped out, easy to push in, turn and re-engage with the threads when the motor is out of the car, but I don't want that to happen when the motor is in the car and I have to take everything off again to find the pieces of plastic!

I know I should have paid more attention when fitting the motors so I'd know the answer, but it was all done in a bit of a rush. Which way do I turn the adjusters to pull the adjuster in to the motor? I believe it's clockwise but I want to make sure. I don't want to end up having to do the job all over again!
  Clio 172
Anybody? Anybody have a spare motor they could try - which direction on the adjuster pushes the rod out, and which in?
  Clio 172
I've found a spare motor and the answer to my question - anti clockwise pulls the plunger back in to the motor, clockwise pushes it out. I was going to turn in the opposite directions, unnecessary additional work to put the plunger back in avoided!