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  1. C

    Changing lhd headlamps to rhd headlamps?

    Hello I have a clio 172 non cup, a numpty put lhd headlamps (xenon) in my car and they left the old rhd ones in the back. Is there a switchover for the kick up beam or is it set in stone? If so can I Frankenstein the brand new lhd headlamps to be rhd?
  2. G

    172 Cup with headlight washer jets?

    I've got a 172 cup and afaik they don't come with headlight washer jets as standard, but on my car it has 1 (1 of them is missing). Does this mean the bumper was replaced with a standard 172 bumper or was there an option from factory for the washer jets (car is late 2003)? Cheers
  3. L

    Has anyone put headlight washers on clio ll ph1? Picture please

    Hello.. so i am planning to install xenon or LED lighting but the problem is, by the laws in Croatia, if you are converting from halogen to xenon you need to have headlihgt washers(dont know if there are similar cases). So i am driving a non sport and dont know should i put them on my front...
  4. K

    Passenger headlight stopped working

    I noticed the other day that my passenger side low beam stopped working, not thinking too much about it I swapped the high beam one over so I had a low beam. Unfortunately that didn't work so my next idea was maybe the fuse was blown so I checked it and the fuse is fine. Anyone got any idea...
  5. JKeillor94

    Mk3 Facelift Projector Lights

    Im on the hunt for a set of projector lights for my mk3. Can someone help with a link or is someone on here selling a set? PFA:
  6. D

    Need left side headlight clio f1 197 (57)???

    Hi everyone, I ordered a full left side headlight for a clio 197 second hand off ebay as my current one the ballast and bulb isn't working, the replacement works but the lens unit is detached from the light (wont re attach) so it wobbles/not balanced and wont pass an mot. Does anyone know where...
  7. L

    Headlights v6 optic or casual? Clio 172

    Hello. So unfortunately i've had smaller accident with my car few weeks ago. My left headlight got damaged in the crash so i am going to change my headlights. So my question is should i replace only left one with the casual one or should i get two with lenses and sell the old one? Btw, right one...
  8. D

    LED headlight into mk2 clio

    Hello everyone! I recently ordered a pair of h7 led headlight bulbs (, got a pair of h7 hid adapters as well, but now I'm clueless how they would fit together, i can't push through the actual bulb bit through the metal plate, and it doesn't sit flush...
  9. A

    Headliight Adjustment Direction

    I've just changed the headlights on my 172. I screwed out the adjusters on the self levelling motors as much as possible to make fitting them a little easier. One I unscrewed too far and it popped out, easy to push in, turn and re-engage with the threads when the motor is out of the car, but I...
  10. J

    Clio MK3 headlight fuse

    After changing one bulb, the other appeared to blow. Took it out and the bulb was fine so presuming a fuse has gone. Anyone know the location for the fuse box and headlight fuse in a MK3 1.4???
  11. R

    182 Headlight washers, only 1 working, garage stumped.

    Hi Everyone! This is my first post as I only got my Clio 182 a month ago and it has now failed its MOT! I am in dire need of help... have tried everything logical!The garage could not sort this issue so any ideas would be much appreciated. The issue is only 1 side of the headlight jets are...