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  ur megane r26
Hiya people I have just fitted the Alpine CDE 9843R headunit, the new 2005 model, and obviousli the stalk adaptor and screen do not work, my question is, is there anyway to get these working??? or wil they stay useless untill i put the standard head unit back in. also i have a yellow box thing at the back of the headunit, which fitted into the standard headunit but there is no room for it now, what does it do??? do i need it????. The last question for the moment is my headunit doesnt work unless the ignition key is turned on, can i change this so i can turn it on without the key in, if so how?? thanks
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your first 2 questions are the same answer really.

you will need to buy the clio and apline stalk adapter from - because the yellow connector is the stalk / screen control.
  megane coupe+2003clio 1.2
you can rewire the headunit to work without the keys but you will have to turn the headunit off evrytime you leave ur car
My alpine headunit failed to work with my stalk controls on my 182 so had to buy a sony headunit and it worked first time. Hope this helps