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Heaters not working and Engine temp gauge

  S2 106 GTI
Just on way home and the mrs decides to put the heater on full, started heating up then cut off. the fans don't work (doesn't get warm either) then I noticed the engine temp gauge was sat at the bottom too.

I have browsed on here and seems to be either engine temp sensor or coolant sensor. But everyones fans seem to works? could it be something else. Checked all the fuses too and all are fine

any other ideas


ClioSport Club Member
Could be two faults together. If the fans don't work that could be the resistor pack in the climate control.

Also sounds like the thermostat. If you leave the car running for twenty minutes or so on idle does it warm up? The stat sounds like its jammed open so the coolant is circulating the radiator and being cooled when it doesn't need to be