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Hello - Newbie with a track spec 197


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 197 Track Car
Morning all,

Thought i'd sign up as I see references to ClioSport a lot online....

So i'm a long-time french hot hatch owner and track day attendee, having had a GTi-6, and then a Megane Cup over the past few years, both dedicated track cars. Sadly houses caused me to sell up nearly 2 years ago, until i was incredibly fortunate and won a very high spec Clio 197 (07 plate) track car on a raffle not too long ago. I've already started playing/tweaking and improving with lots of plans in the pipeline!

Spec is as follows:

  • 2007 197 (non Cup) but with all Cup bits installed.
  • Full safety devices rollcage
  • Tillet carbon bucket seats
  • Gaz Gold coilovers all round
  • Adjustable top mounts
  • Sparco steering wheel and detachable boss
  • Polycarbonate windows all round
  • Pro Race 1.2's with Pilot Cup Sport 2's
  • 20mm rear shims
  • G-hook discs with DS2500 pads & fully rebuilt callipers front/rear
  • Full Miltek
  • KTR induction kit
  • RS Tuning remap (194bhp) - had the legs on a 200 on the straights at Silverstone which was interesting....
  • Fully polybushed top to bottom
  • Fully corner waited and track setup (camber etc)
  • Ktec rear carpet

I've just got back from Silverstone having had a brilliant day on track, very wet in the morning, dried up in the afternoon, the end result being a great lesson in car control and learning how the car responds in different conditions, not a competitive day but managed a 2:42 by the end of the day which was the fastest of the Clio's i was there with but certainly more to come, i'm no driving master.

Its an utterly brilliant car, i'm a total convert, the chassis is glorious and very much like the 306 in terms of the way it responds to throttle inputs. Could just do with that little bit more power on the straights!

Look forward to seeing people on track,




ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 197 Track Car
This is a very light hearted vid of my distinct issues with traction in the morning!



ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 197 Track Car
Is there a better place to post this kind of hello? Seems v quiet around here? Or is there a facebook group etc?


ClioSport Club Member
Welcome from a fellow 197 owner. They are great fun cars for sure.

Where was the raffle out of interest? Seems a random prize!