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Hi all,

I have recently joined the forum as I am thinking of buying my friends Clio 172 off him to use as my daily driver (I have a Honda Integra Type-R) and currenlty using a celica GT (ST202) as my daily car,

I will post a thread in the 'Whats my car worth' to see if you think it is a good deal he is offering me!

Im from the West Sussex area by the way.


Cheers Mate,

The GT is getting on a bit, its an N Reg with 130k on it, although Ive had it for a year and a half and done 15k in it with very few problems!

Just fancy a change really, and the Celica is not the best on fuel, struggles to get 30mpg even with restrained driving!

And with my mate offering quite a good deal on his clio, just temtped me to consider changing!


Sounds cool

never drove a 172, but read loads good reviews on here about them, got 197 and that sticks to the road like s**t to a stick and goes like one-ohhhhh!

EDIT: averaging 30-31mpg in 197 with careful driving but know the 1*2's are higher, 35-37mpg ish (IIRC)