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  clio Mk2 P1 punto1.4
Alright fella's, only just found out about this site so figured Id join. Paid for me membership too. Recently bought myself a MkII Phase 1 off ebay, was an impulse buy. Always wanted a clio so figured id get one as a project car, my day to day car is a fiat grande punto 1.9, just wanted something to tinker with. Preferred the older ones cause you can modify the engine without all todays computers and that getting in the way, i wouldent even know where to start on my punto. So theres me anyway
  clio Mk2 P1 punto1.4
Theres a picture of the lump, in the rain, typical weather. Ill upload more when i start adding to it, im gutting the engine first, theres a slight leak coming from it so im taking it apart and having it steamed, fitting an induction kit and want new springs fitted, suspension is abit wobbly. Will keep you all updated

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  clio Mk2 P1 punto1.4
hi nice looking 5dr i've got one too,

notice you have got a sunroof CHECK FOR LEAKS....

Yeah luckily the lad before looked after this car so he already had it sealed proper. An yeah i much prefer the 5dr of this model to the 3, one i always wanted when i was 17 lol