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HELP 172 mk1 silver door trays

  clio 172 flame red

hi does anyone know where i could get the 172 mk1 silver door trays the ones which hold the buttons and window control from.Someone said in a previous topic that they were part number R77 01 206 594 AND COST £11.60 +vat at the renault dealers for the pair, well i went there and quoted the number and told them what i wanted and they said it would cost £62 + vat for both as they only sell them as the whole unit and will not sell just the silver plastic well i thought what a f*ckin rip off as i just wanted the silver plasticnot the whole thing buttons electic etc.Has anyone bought just the silver parts from them or any ideas where i could get them? please help thanks
  clio 172 flame red

whats iirc mean? £12 for the set isit ? cant understand why they wont sell them to me? i have come to the conclusion - renault dealers in swansea sucks

Quote: Originally posted by mattyevz2002 on 15 April 2005

whats iirc mean? £12 for the set isit ? cant understand why they wont sell them to me? i have come to the conclusion - renault dealers in swansea sucks
It means If I Remember Correctly. Yep, I think most Renault dealers suck tbh.

how easy are these to fit??? do u have to remove the door cards to fit them or can u do it with the door cards left on???

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep

Very easy, undo the small torx bolt that holds them in, lift them up, disconnect the wiring plugs and take the switches out and transfer them over and connect everything back up again. Very straightforward.

every dealer i ring quoets the above part as 65 pounds and no one seems to know the part code for the tray without the switches. Please help i am really getting frustrated. :(

ok, ill try a few more dealers but so far letchworth and milton keynes both said 60 odd quid.

What dealers have people got these from for the lower price?
I can then use this to tell the next dealer i ring up.

have called 6 different dealers and all say 62 quid. i dont know what to do.
Maybe the pricing has changed since you lot who have them got it.
If anyone finds out a dealer near them, who is doing it for that price i would happily pay them to buy it and post it to me with a little on top for themselves.
  clio 172 flame red

i just sprayed mine came out well just used car spray and lacque dont know how long it will last for though or if it will flake off.

Quote: Originally posted by EvilJohn on 29 April 2005Quote: Originally posted by marvel on 28 April 2005no one up for the challenge?Ill see what I can do tommorrow, should be near the dealers, will try to remember.

Thanks for the help, much appreciated.

Thatpics looks good, nice job. Problem with mine is that the top layer has chipped away so if i was to re-spray it i would still have lots of indentations everywhere :(

The rest of my car is in a pretty much spotless condition. The door trays are the only thing that dont make them look any good. If i were to get some new ones the interior will look cracking.

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Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep

Just called them and they are now £65 plus vat as well. Cant believe that, they wont have been selling it at a loss when I bought it for £12 so think of the huge huge profit being made on that, bloody renault :mad::mad:

Quote: Originally posted by marvel on 07 May 2005
outragous really, upping the price like this. :(

This is because all the Mk1 172 interiors are starting to age and therefore will need replacing around now. They have us right by the short and curlies.

B@stards :mad:

surley a decent spray shop will be able to fill the holes in and smooth them down ??

Id just cough up the 60 odd its nearly cost you that much in phone bills trying to find them lol

i put up in another thread about trying to get the centre bit where the heater vents are off so i could get the whole silver trim parts resprayed matched up and colour coded.

Turns out its a full dash out job so i just left it in place and took the door grabs to a spray place and got them to just colour code the tray grabs to the same colour as the centre trim. They spent a while matching up colour charts and it turns out the nearest colour to the original silver items is a Chrysler one !! ...... did a great job and youd never be able to tell theyve been sprayed up. !! all for 20 notes too !!