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HELP!! Cambelt replace car misfiring

  Civic Type R

Took my car to the garage today becuase the cambelt was making a noise ( they had fitted new cambelt kit a month ago). They said it was the tensioner, and they fitted a full new kit for free.

Get the car home and it seems to be running sweet with no noises. leave it a few hours then go for a quick spin. I noticed a decrease in power, and the idle was more lumpy than usual ( almost shaking the from end of the car) revs at this point were 'hunting' slightly.

Anyway, went straight home to have a look. Car seems to have a cylinder down. Checked the leads and plugs and they are fine. Anyway at this point I thought I'd have some tea, and then have a look.

Just been out and the car barely starts, seems to idle at about 400rpm for a few minutes before it reaches normal idle speak.

Sounds very tappety, kinda like and old 1.1 ford. Stinks of petrol, and a strange kinda burning smell.

Next door neighbours bin round ( very mechanical) and says its sounds like a valve is down.

Do you guys have any idea of what i could be please?

It pretty un driveable at the moment.

Any help appreciated

Wayne :dapprove:
  clio sport 172
hi mate it sounds like the verable valve timing was not set up properly it would of been ok for a few miles but then it would of gave way and done a valve or two i would get back on to the garage that you had it done at and get them to sort it out and dont drive it ne more
  Civic Type R
nice one for the replies guys - back to the garage it goes, will they have to do the work? its nationwide autocentres
  GDI Demo 182, Rsi Spider
if they have made a mistake with it i am sure they will sort it..

does sound like its bent a valve or similar