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Help choosing Double Din!

  LY182. Golf GT TDI 195.
Hi guys! Just wondering if anyone can help me in deciding which double din head unit I should go for? The choices are between:


My main priority is for it to be as iPhone friendly as possible. I would also like to be able to maybe get a DAB Tuner for digital radio, but Im unsure if any of these will be compatable for it?
  Better than yours. C*nt.
I've got a Kenny single screen unit and it's very capable but very clumsy to navigate compared to my old Alpine unit - I'd look to Alpine for that sort of money...
satnav is either integrated or not at all.
pioneer ones seem a lil slow to boot up but there are firmware upgrades available
  LY182. Golf GT TDI 195.
I've had an Alpine head unit in the past and found some of the features/ lack of features highly irritating.
i just noticed your last line on the opening post about most ipod friendly.the pioneer brings up the menu almost identical to an ipod,
circle with 4 buttons on it and a separate small display showing what currently playing and another box showing track listings,etc