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Help! - Drivers door wont open from the inside! (only outside)

  Renault Clio MK3 1.5

I own a 2009 Renault Clio Mk3 1.5dci (5 door). All of a sudden the interior drivers door handle will no longer open the door. The passenger side and other rear doors open fine from the inside. The front drivers door does however open fine via the outside handle.

I have removed the door card and checked the mechanism connecting to the interior door handle, this was attached correctly however manually pulling the door cable still doesn't open the door. :(

Has anyone encountered this before? I read online that the Nissan Note has front child locks hidden on the front door locks, but assume this isn't the case with the Clio?

See - Nissan Note front door will not open from inside – Fix

Anyone pointers would be greatly appreciated. From what I could feel / hear it seems the interior door handle cable is still connected to the door lock mechanism.

I have included a few pictures for the sake of it.
  Renault Clio MK3 1.5
Managed to fix this! Turns out Renault in their infinite wisdom decided to put hidden child locks on front door lock!

After setting it back to the off position the interior door handle now works again :)

I noticed the child lock switch was pretty loose so might have to somehow glue it to the off position...