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clio mk3

  1. M

    Help Me find a decat for 1.4L mk3 clio

    I own a Mk3 Clio dynamique 2006 1.4L and I really wanna make it a decat but I can't find any on the interwebs, can someone send me a link or an email address of someone or somewhere that sells them, thanks 😁
  2. C

    Help! - Drivers door wont open from the inside! (only outside)

    Hi I own a 2009 Renault Clio Mk3 1.5dci (5 door). All of a sudden the interior drivers door handle will no longer open the door. The passenger side and other rear doors open fine from the inside. The front drivers door does however open fine via the outside handle. I have removed the door card...
  3. J

    Clio Seats

    Hello guys. I own a 5 door clio mk3 1.2 and I’m not keen on the original seats. I purchased a set of clio sport seats from the mk2 172 Edition. These feel a lot nicer and add a sportier edge with their bucket style. Unsure if they will fit or not, has anyone else done this or similar conversions.
  4. A

    Help - Rear light clio MK3

    Hello... Anyone know what one of these colours is the reverse light on the Clio MK3 drivers side (if the side makes a difference?) Trying to install a reversing camera on my gfs car and the nagging is getting unbearable now... help a brother out... Cheers!
  5. C

    Is it possible to add the TCE turbo to the N/A 1.2 Clio?

    Owner of a mk3 (pre-facelift) Renault Clio Extreme. 1.2, 16V, 75bhp, 2006 model. I’m wondering if it’s possible to fit the turbo from the 1.2 TCE to my car, or if there’s a difference in the internals of the engine. Or perhaps there’s a 6 speed gearbox as oppose to a 5 speed. I’ve seen the...
  6. L

    Clio Mk3 GT

    Recently bought a Clio GT. Might go red on the interior. Let me know what modifications you think would look good, not into changing the speed and that of the car as it’s a diesel so not that fast anyway.
  7. JKeillor94

    Steering Wheel Swap

    I have a Non sport mk3 Clio Bizu and I want to swap the steering wheel. Looking to see if the 197 wheel would bolt straight on or not? Also, I was looking at an OMP wheel with a quick release kit, how legal are they and how do I get passed an MOT without an airbag? Appreciate any help with...
  8. B

    Clio Mk3 Facelift - Tweeters/General Audio Question

    Hi All! I’d like to start by apologising if this thread is posted in the incorrect section - if any moderators see this post and decide to move it, be my guest. I have a 2010 Renault Clio 1.2 TCE Dynamique TomTom ... and it’s great. I love it. There’s only one thing I don’t like about it - the...
  9. M

    Can you fit a mk3 facelift(09-12) rear bumper onto the mk3(05-09)?

    Could I fit a mk3 facelift bumper onto my mk3 2007? And below is my Clio TCe late 2007
  10. M

    Urgent help!! - instrument cluster not working

    I need help asap!! I have just replaced the heater motor in my 2011 mk3 tce clio. I've got to turn the car over and I have no instrument cluster/heater control unit working. I have also cannot find where the orange plug (in picture) Is supposed to be. Can anyone help please Matt
  11. M

    Clio mk3 TCE boost controller

    Hello everyone. Has anyone put a manual boost controller on a clio mk3 tce? I just need to ask a question really. I've tried it but when I try to increase the pressure it seems to go into what I think is an overboost scenario. Is there any way to stop this or is it just not possible? Any help...
  12. H-Bomb

    H-Bomb's Non-Sport Clio MKIII Project

    Hi Guys! After passing my test earlier this year i finally got round to getting myself on the road. I really wanted a Clio and happened to come across one really close by in great nick, good mileage/service history etc. its a 2012 Clio MKIII Facelift Expression+ 1.2 16V As its my first car i...
  13. T

    connect new head unit to mk3 screen

    hello everybody, I want to know if there is a way to connect aftermarket head unit to the mk3 display(the one with the clock and temp). I have now the pioneer DEHX2850UI
  14. T

    looking for oil dipstick for Clio MK3 '07

    hello everybody, i have clio MK3 (1.6L K4M engine) with a broken oil dipsitck. i search over the internet a way to buy one (via ebay) but i didn't find anything that i can be sure the match to my model. I hope someone her can help me find that part. thanks. sorry if i post it in the wrong...
  15. S

    Clio mk3 sx BODYKIT HELP

    Hi guys im new to this thread ive recently picked up a Clio mk3 and wanting to get the sx body kit where is the best place to get one thanks in advance. Luke
  16. S

    Pod filter Clio mk3 1.5dci ?

    Just recently got a Clio mk3 1.5dci dynamique s 86bhp wandering if it's possibl to install a pod filter. Cheers