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Help! Help! Please!!

Wonder if any of you guys can help me. I recently purchased a Clio 16v. My previous car was a nortorious Nova! And i can safely say, the Nova was more reliable out of the two.

So far i have owned the car for 3-4 months and already replaced;

Clutch, Power steering hose, Alternator with belt and tensioner, cam belt, and a few other small bits. And to make me even happier i recieved a cold shower from the sunroof this morning.

Although i love the car, looks, engine, i am finding that problems keep occuring and are becoming a little tedious. im starting to regret buying the dam thing.

Cut to the chase, theres a whining noise coming from the gearbox, the noise is different when ticking over. And when i press the clutch in it stops. Help please, before i lose the plot and crash the thing.


A dry or knackered thrust bearing if you ask me. Not a great deal to worry about.

Because of the engine/clutch housing placement maybe difficult to do. I would leave it be for now, if it gets worse then have it looked at.


Cheers for that, ill be able to sleep at night.

Out of interest any ideas on how much the parts and fitting cost would be?!
  190 BHP Willy 2

I agree with ReNWILL just a noisy thrust/release bearing. nothing major just annoying. A right pain in the arse job though!

I just had a new clutch kit fitted, well about 2 months ago! And this bearing is part of the kit? will it mean a whole new clutch or just the bearing?
  190 BHP Willy 2

My clutch kit came with release bearing, but then it was a Renault clutch. So I dont know. Maybe other kits dont provide it.

Anybody else know about this?

Cant you phone up the garage who did your clutch and ask?

Got to take it to see them tomorrow. Cheers for the help!

RenWill - Ever drivin a 16v? Is it a lot different to your Willy?
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

Mmmm id get em to check that bearing if they only fitted it two months ago !!

Good luck !!
  BMW 320d Sport

If youre paying with your own money then put a Williams kit in, its a straight swap and will handle more torque.
  190 BHP Willy 2

Engine mods, just induction kit, full magnex stainless system including de-cat and manifold. Chip is on its way, although I am seriously considering a fiesta RST and tuning the tits of it. Massive power for relatively little money. Plus I love the fiesta turbos.

Cheers steve_rt. I must admit I thought they did, just didnt want to make such a bold statement without finding out first.

Quote: Originally posted by Dust on 05 February 2003

Got to take it to see them tomorrow. Cheers for the help!

RenWill - Ever drivin a 16v? Is it a lot different to your Willy?

Yes Dust,

Before I bought my Williams I drove a few Valvers. In my opinion there is a world of difference in the two, although the valver is a great car.


Never thought about putting the Williams kit in! May as well do that! But today the sound is a lot worse. More chrunching than anything, sounds very worrying. And what makes it worse, it pops outta 5th gear after a minute. :sick:

Its gotto go to garage now, hope it makes it! Any last requests to stop them telling me i need a new gearbox??
  190 BHP Willy 2

its a mounting on the gearbox which stops it moving about too much. Too much gearbox movement equals dropping out of gear.

Go down the road accelerate then just let off and it should pop out of gear.
  190 BHP Willy 2

about £35 for the mount and the same again to fit it. But dont quote me on that.

Just check the nut under the battery isnt loose. mine was and it solved it. You have to take the battery out though to get at it. To be fair though if its jumping out of gear then its pretty shagged.

Just spoke to the Garage and they seem to think somethings broken in the gearbox, and that the clutch, bearings and fork and fine. mmm....... New Gearbox?? Now thats expensive. what do you think?

Day 1 - Whining noise from gearbox - Maybe Thrust bearings

Day 2 - Crunching and whining noises from Gearbox - Garage say new gearbox?

What to do??