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Help Me find a decat for 1.4L mk3 clio

  Renault Clio mk3 1.4
I own a Mk3 Clio dynamique 2006 1.4L and I really wanna make it a decat but I can't find any on the interwebs, can someone send me a link or an email address of someone or somewhere that sells them, thanks 😁


ClioSport Club Member
You won't find anything off the shelf, need to make one.

Need to ask yourself if it's worth causing yourself MOT grief and an engine management light for not really any benefit though....


ClioSport Club Member
I'm really not one to piss on someone else's chips if they want to mod, but.... why?

I can only see downsides. Do you have other mods which need increased exhaust flow and lower backpressure?


ClioSport Club Member
  Monaco172, Green 1.2