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Help me guys gaz gold or 750mc spax setup


ClioSport Club Member

I have been torn between Full gaz golds or 750mc suspension setup.
£1000ish to spend.

Currently have rebuilt Gaz GHA on the front with 550lbs springs so I could just buy new rears but my brain won't let me, every time I try to buy the gold rears my brain stops me and says why not buy full setup! Then ive seen the 750mc setup.

Gaz gold come in 2 setups £1155.48
  • Trackday (driven to the circuit) - 500lb front springs, 300 lb rear springs
  • Race setup (trailered to circuit) - 800lb front, 450lb rear.
Then the 750mc is £1079.99
  • Uprated internals including valving and strut tube
  • Reduced length 740lb front springs to enable lower ride height
  • Reduced length 450lb rear springs without helper spring
  • Coilover rear shock absorber (no inboard spring required)
  • Front camber adjustment from 1.5 Degrees to 3.0 degrees negative
Which to go for and what spring rate 🤷‍♂️
Any info or experience appreciated.


ClioSport Club Member
My ast 4100s, brand new 110nm rear springs and 90nm springs when I sent the rears off for full service and valve. Come with 400lb F+R springs also. Cheaper than both those setups.


ClioSport Club Member
  Q7 2018 & 172 Cup.
Cook sport have ast4100 for £1200
I'm on AST5100 with 80nm all round.. Trailered to the track.. Ilya is running the same but 90nm front and 110nm rear.. i feel i have a bit more flexibility when adjusting for wet/damp conditions.. We have our cars setup quite similar and definitely in the wet conditions mine handles better having a softer rear.. In the dry then obviously Ilya was quicker than me (turbo'd) but id say we are evenly matched in the handling department.. A stiffer rear helps the car rotate and dials out understeer.. a softer rear is safer though and not so twitchy..

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ClioSport Club Member
I have Gaz golds and really pleased with them for the price I paid, went with custom spring rates if 525lb front and 400lb rears I have to drive it on the road to and from the track and they are loads better than cooksports with cup shocks I had before.
Got mine from @Mash. not sure if he still does them


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172
Are they only £300?


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172 M135i
Out of stock now, did you buy the last set!? I hope they get another batch in at that price in the future.


ClioSport Club Member
  Q7 2018 & 172 Cup.
Hmm. Mine are 182 60mm £1200 + £20 delivery all in
It doesn't make any difference if its 54mm or 60mm hubs on ASTs cause there are collars in the shock holes to turn and they fit both..

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