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Help Me Solve a Problem : Rear "Splitter" Removal...

  Ph1 172.
Right, basically the previous owner of my car added a rear splitter thing to the bottom of the bumper of my car. Now, it is attacted with screws and something else and i need you help working out what that something is...

I want to take this thing off, but i don't want to be pulling paint off either..

See the pictures below..

One side has stsrted to come away revealing this:

It spongey, almost like window sealant.
It continues around the bumper, if you can see the white line..


And this is what it look like on the car...

Cheers guys! I appreciate any help. :D
  Evo 6, E92 320d
It's probably something like tiger seal, try heating it, will help to pull it off, however that bottom area may need a respray as the sealant probably has to be sanded off.
  Ph1 172.
Hmm. don't know what to do now. I can't afford to have a bumper resprayed atm.

After reading a bit more tiger seal sounds like a right pain in the arse to remove..
  Dynamique Flamer
Just heat it up and pull it off, I had sticky glue stuff on a wing from a mate spent ages washing it with warm water and picked it all off now it looks fine no need to respray
  S4 Avant
I recognise that unfortunately

about halfway down here should explain.

Basically you need to sit there with a hairdryer to heat up the plastic, bend the plastic away from the body work, and cut away the adhesive with a very sharp stanley knife. It takes time and patience.

Oh... and you will need to respray it.
  Ph1 172.
why would they put that on the car in anycase!!! did it have a full body kit on it or just that?

Just that, I didn't understand it either, but thought, foolishly that it would just 'come off'

I might ask the guy what it is stuck on with or for the details of the person who fitted it, it will be somewhere very local as he only lives 5 mins from my house.

@Dave88 - Cheers matey, i'll have a good read of that :D