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Help Needed: Alarm For Brand New Mk2 172

  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

I am due to pick up my brand new imported 172 from Motorpoint very soon, and am wondering which is the best alarm to have fitted, how much £, and should i have one fitted by Motorpoint, someone else or take it to Renault, i want nothing but the best to make sure that my 172 stays in one piece and on my drive, i understand the vehicle comes with a pretty good RAID system, but i also need some form of decent alarm to protect my DVD screen and Navigation too.

Thanks in advance,

Gaz 2130
  Ford Fiesta

RAID is Reanult anti intruder device. Just locks ya doors above 5kph.

Its got a cat 2 system to upgrade to cat 1 id go for the renault alarm they put on uk 172s then it works off original keyfob. £300 fitted.

Cobra are the official alarm suppliers to Renault UK, all imported cars get a cat 1 alarm put in at the import centre, so Cobra would be your best bet as the know all about Clios and are Renault warranty friendly
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

so its best to take it to Renault then, just gonna go apesh*t if they scratch the friggin dash!! They always do it, going to take it to the Renault in Llandudno instead of the one at Chester, the ppl at the Chester one are absoloute a*seh*les.

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I had Motorpoint install their Cat1 alarm, Sigma I believe, it got me £50 off my insurance as it is better than the one Renualt fit. No problem with the dash, no marks or signs they removed it, very happy with the alarm so far.

I got a Toad 850T2 2-1 Upgrade for £250, works off the existing key fob, no complaints at all and cheaper than Renault.