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Help needed asap!!!

Can anyone give me any information as to where the jap import place in liverpool is, apparently thats where all the cars go and the traders go there and buy them for their garages.
Even a web address would be good!



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Just found out. They are five minutes from junction 10 on the M56 so it must be near Warrington, Cheshire, which is not far from Liverpool.

warrender just a car garage that sells mainly jap import, i think what he looking for are import auction where the shipments from japan comes in

apparantly this place is where all the car garages go to pick up cars, thinking of gettin an impreza so any more details would be appreciated
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Theres a place called Magnum, based in Hampshire. They import cars direct from Japan, some modified, some standard. the website is

Theyve got an FTO in the latest REVS.

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Hello captn Im still on with this head gasket reno f_cked up head has had 4 thou taken off and is back together the gasket set sould be here tomorrow been on order since last friday.