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Help needed Exhaust problems

My center exhaust silencer has broken down for the second time( rattling noise between 3000 an 4000 rpm in all gears), first time was after 25.000km and now after 18.000km it is broken again.

I am now in a struggle with Renault Holland HQ because they say the first time they changed the exhaust it was under warranty but when the warranty of the car expires so does the warrant of the replaced part. The standard warranty was only 1 year and the exhaust was replaced after 11 months, but now only 9 months later the exhaust has broken down again and renault says CUSTOMER PAYS 100%!!!!!!

Because Renault NL is saying that they didnt here of this problem before i need to know how much of you had the same problem.

Thanks in Advance.


um.......if you keep on thier case they will give in......

we had to repace a geabox on a 85,000km car witht eh warrenty out by 2 yrs!!!

so, just argue.......but dont shout

The exhaust on my car has just done exactly the same thing after 13000 miles (19months old) . Went to the dealership expecting to be told that it was out of warrenty but they said it was covered 80%!! I would have thought that a replacement part had a warrenty for the same lenght of time as the original i.e. if the exhaust had 12mnth warrenty then when you replace it it is covered for another 12months. This is the case with most other things but maybe Reault are different. I would start to put your case firmly but politely!
  320d M Sport

My "intermediate pipe??!!???" was replaced under warranty this week. Again rattling noise between 3-4000 rpm upwards. Cars done 6500 miles....


I had this problem and renault gave me 80% off due to "the mileage of the car". (16,000) However when i went to collect it they said it was actually out of warranty (because it was imported) and i should pay the whole amount. Obviously this was their error and I paid the 80%. Just in case you want to know the full cost of replacing the "Exhaust box" ..... 311 pounds and 30 pence, not cheap.

I had that problem and know of others with it..... Definately a manufacture fault - weld breaks inside centre section - and cause that nasty rattle. so they are definatly lieing if the said the have never heard it before...

All renault repairs UK repairs are guarentied for 12 months... so U should be covered.

I had to pay 20% as warrenty expired... & Will expect the same if it goes again.