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Help needed please


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172 phase 1
The clio is off the road at present due to 2 issues. First a brake fluid leak from reservoir to master cylinder. The other is throttle sticking which I believe I may have solved with russ tutorial but not have a problem with the revs hunting on idle. Any ideas would be appreciated mk2 clio 172 phase 1. Also exhaust blow since fitting new centre section. Last thing does anyone know of any clio specialists ear swindon.
Thanks in advance guys

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ClioSport Trader
  Clio16v/Zoe Z.E.50
Mk2 Ph1 cars have a pretty old fashioned IAC setup and chances are, the high idle is a result of either an air leak, worn throttle body or poor IACV seal (an uncontrollable air lek). The brake Res leak is probably down to the fluid vessel being knocked - has the engine been off the mount and jacked up lately? This is the usual cause of this issue and is a super simple fix. I can't comment on what's occurring with the exhaust leak, not without seeing the joint in question.