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Help please..Car wont start

  Ly Megane 230 F1
Drove my car this morning and all was fine..Left the car for about 2 to 3 hours then tried to start it and it wont start.

To start with i thought it was petrol since the light was on and the needle didnt move so i put a 5L can in..needle moved past the first white bar but light still stayed on?
The car will sometimes stop me from starting it for example..i turn the key all the way round,car tries to start then stops itself starting even if i still have the key turned all the way around.
There is no lights on the dash indicating a fault (apart from the emu light for the decat)
I read up on here about crank sensors been a problem so i wiggled the connection,that didnt work so i removed it,cleaned it and still nothing.

I am in the middle of uploading a video to photobucket and will post it when its done.

Any help is needed :)
  pimp mobile Zafira
I reckon it's the TDC. I know you've had It out and cleaned it but it could need replacing. From what I've read which in the last few days is loads is that cleaning doesn't always work. I'm having the same issue at the moment and the video mirrors my exact prob. I have found though once it does run I have no problems with the car starting until the following morning. So I'll only know if the cleaning has worked tomorrow. The problem seems that common that Renault have got an updated part. Hope you can get it sorted. May be worth seeing if some one can plug it in to a obd reader!
  Ly Megane 230 F1
One of my mates came round and plugged one in.. it didnt come up any stored faults(apart from having the decat) but the tdc sensor was in faults that werent stored?
Phoning renault tomorrow to see about a replacement :)
  Ly Megane 230 F1
I seen that thread to!lol. i would order it but id rather phone local parts places and local renault incase they have some in stock(since i dont get next day delivery where i stay)


ClioSport Club Member
  RS6+ & 40d MSport X5
The 1*2's are a minefield when it comes to electrical/starting issues.
  pimp mobile Zafira
I seen that thread to!lol. i would order it but id rather phone local parts places and local renault incase they have some in stock(since i dont get next day delivery where i stay)
Fair point mate. Hope younger it sorted. Let us know how you get on. I have heard that sometimes te immobiliser needs re setting.
  Ly Megane 230 F1
did you read that in another thread to? about sitting with the ignition on then locking and unlocking or something? i tried that,put new petrol in and made sure the battery was charged.
  pimp mobile Zafira
I did see this one and also there is something where you put the ignition on to 1st position for 30 secs then off for 30 secs then back on again or some thing like that.
Let us know how you get on and where you got a new sensor from. I think I may order a new one and hope that it's that however I'm going to give it a good clean tomorrow and see how it is. Your video looks like I've filmed it myself I've had the same problem however after some waiting and a few more attempts it starts and runs fine no problem

Here is a thread I posted yesterday about it with my own video.

Oh, be aware the new ones like linked above require the modified loom so either get one for the old one or get a new type with the new loom too.
  Ly Megane 230 F1
Just been in to my local parts factor.. Got one for £18inc vat.. I'm unsure if it's a new or old one but it didn't come with the loom connection.. So if this doesn't work il be buying one from renault with a loom
  Ly Megane 230 F1
tried the new joy.

Since this i have checked and i am getting no spark but i am getting fuel, ive also been told that if it is the TDC sensor then i wont be getting any revs showing on the rev counter even when its cranking?
I have also been told that the £18 part i bought is probably useless and i WILL need to get a genuine renault replacement part with loom(i thought it might come to this but for the sake of £18 i thought id chance my luck)

I now have a mate of mine in renault on the case of getting me a price with his discount for me :)
  Ly Megane 230 F1
For anyone else having these problems.

Car not starting, No faults on dash, no spark from plugs, no movement on rev counter when the car is cranking i would advise to ONLY use the genuine renault upgraded replacment TDC sensor and loom!

I wasted £20 on a cheap part and its my own fault i the new renault part and car is going fine now so happy days :)
  Ly Megane 230 F1
New part is easy to fit.. Only bad bit is soldering in that little space.. I put a flame retardant blanket underneath the wiring and got a mate to hold the cables in place while I soldered them together.