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i have 1.4 clio, i have pipercross induction kit ,peco exhuast, been lowered as well , 2 problems with it i have crap fuel consumption i have replaced the map sensor , the lambard sensor, rotar arm distubution cap, sparkplugs, oil change, fuel filter change, oil filter change and it drians fuel ! im not sure wot it is thats why im here i need 2 knw coz with £10 worth of fuel im only gettin 65 miles!!! i really wana knw so ne advice would be helpful! second problem is the heating is working but its cold and if u switch it on to hot it only works for 12 seconds! ive tried flushing the radiator out but hasent helped! its freezing in it! so need help with that

if your driving the car pretty quick in highish revs or alot of town driving thats alomost about right for fule comsumption.. cant help with the other probs though, sorry