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Help! Trophy Christmas present!

My boyfriend has told me that the forum is a good place to get quality advice, He's got a 'Trophy' and wants some killer wax to make it even more beautiful (he says I might even be allowed to drive it then!)

Any suggestions???

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Hi there

Welcome to the forum. I use Autoglym on my Trophy (Super Resin Polish & HD Wax).

Does the job:)


ClioSport Club Member
Other little bits for his car he may love are:

Speedline Corse Decals to go on the wheel (£6.50)
Recaro Decals to go on the seat subframes (Erm not sure speak to Ady182)
New style rear Renault and Sport badges. (£35)
Engine Cover (£20)


ClioSport Club Member
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rattle can or two of iceberg silver would make his day!
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ah right. same price as the dodo but better then yea.

ive only ever used the tester pot that some very kind member on here gave me.
(it wasnt "average and doesnt last" when he gave it me to try...............)

awaits excuses
Blah blah blah "gave it you free you cunit" blah blah blah ;)

It's OK that blue velvet stuff Markie, but only if you reapply every month. I could do this as I have a warm garage, but Onyx will last a lot longer.

FLOL. Made me chuckle.

I don't lad, but worth asking someone near you that has a pot. I don't happen to know many SW detailers actually! Might be worth a shout on DW.
  E87 118d M Sport
ill give it a shot. cheers again (and thanks for the blue velvet. i really liked it, guess im not a waxmaster yet)
Was that my tester, JD? ;)

The lassy said she only wanted to spend £40 quid, so does anyone have any ideas in her price range?!
H'actually hun it wasn't but thanks for yours as well FLOL! I got a sample through after buying stuff from USA :) Doesn't beat Matt's I4D bubble gum :(

In the £40 price range P21s (now called R222). Very good wax. But for £5 extra, go for Onyx.
  Golf GTD Mk7

Is that new Justin? When I was looking at swiss they were all over a £100. Might have to look into it. Kind of starting to agree with Jamie on the dodo wax, as it doesn't last that long really. Smells amazing and the shine is good though. ;)
Whole of flipping CS is against me with the bloody DohDoh stuff!

Jonny, Onyx has been around for a good while now.

Alex, Vics is naye bad shout as well.

Duck, pipe ;) x

TBH Onyx is probably going to replace my Light Fantastic when it runs out. 'tis a way off running out yet though.

Orange Crush is on budget for this young lady though, and good quality freebies so is still my recommendation :rasp:
  120d M Sport
Whole of flipping CS is against me with the bloody DohDoh stuff!

You still have the scots Ali and Alan lol !

Final reccomendation for the original poster, if you want some change from your budget, Meguiars 16 is damn good stuff.


ClioSport Club Member
Another vote for Onyx, although it'll only last about a month (durability wise, not the whole pot if the OP reads this lol). Don't bother with dodo.