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Help *whats it worth*

  FOR SALE - Mk1 V6

Just wondering cos i know parkers wont be much use.

1.4RT,1996, N reg, Green, 88 bhp, 50000 miles, FSH, usual RT spec (elec windows, mirrors, remote locking etc). very recent new driveshaft and bearings, 6 months MOT and TAX.

Mods, K+N 57, 15" Masitaily RPM, lowered 55mm alround on P.I springs and shock, Custom Cat-back powerflow twin exit letterbox exhausts, strut brace, Front EBC turbo groove brakes with greenstuff pads, white dials, neons, sony head unit with 10cd changer, custom sub box, 12" stealth sub, XS 440 amp, JBL P93s, bit of carbon fibre film here and there, push button start, battery guage.

Think thats it.
  FOR SALE - Mk1 V6

just wondering what i could sell her for?

Always thinking i need something faster and if i could sell the RT for enough id like to change for either Clio 16V, Pug 106 Gti or 1.8 MR2.

i already know what every one on here will say to go for...

As for profile that was when the driveshaft was getting sorted out, forgot to change it.

Saw an M reg RT with same mileage standard going for £3150 so got me thinking of more speed.
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Id say around £3k to the right buyer - i dont think its worth any more though as its only a 1.4 at the end of the day......