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help with wheels needed.


can anyone after side on views of a clio 16v that has been lowered 35mm which has been fitted with 16" and 17" wheels....i would be greatful if anyone who has a picture that would help me if you could email it to me"> still toying with what size i want and i think the problem is is that i havent seen a clio 16v that has been fitted with either size of these wheels and also lowered. i just dont want to buy 17" to find they dont look how i imagined ......

any help would be greatfully recieved,

thanks all.


Can anyone help me please?? other wise johnny is gonna have to put up with minging turbine wheels for ever.................and do you lot want this to happen??? maybe not a bad option if it wasnt for the fact they are kerbed and pretty nasty!! (not by me, by previous owner)!!


if you look at my post "it works!! *pictures*" you can see some pictures of my car on 16s although quality isnt too good and my car is well lower than 35mm. also have you tried the gallery on this site?

Most people like the Turbine wheels! Consider some softer Phase 2 wheels if you want a cheap change. Save some money and get some suspension maybe?
  BMW 320d Sport

The phase 1 turbine wheels are the nuts and all you need to do is slam your Clio to make them look wicked. There was a thread on here somewhere with a link to a thing that would show you different wheels, and allow you to change the suspension height as well. It was only a week or two ago and it was the best one Ive used.

yeah i know the post nick, i have used it but its a white standard bodyed clio so doesnt really give that good an idea, Ben H what do you mean get some suspension?? my car is lowered 35mm!! it does make my car look very slammed on the turbines but the previous owner seems to have made intimate contact to most of britians kerbs, thus resulting in johnny having seriously shagged wheels.. i have looked at the gallery but its hard to tell unless the spec mentions if the car is lowered...........

i dunno..........modding my corsa was so much easier!! ;)

  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah but thats all the funny of it mate. Modding a Corsa is so easy that everyone drives around with the same kit on.

not many people had a corsa that looked like mine, it was black with purple meshing to the front bumper and purple bump stripes down the side, i know your cringing but it looked better than it sounds.............he was quite individual.....and i loved my corsa!! as for the wheels i think im swaying towards the 16"s.....i just think that possibly they might be the better option for everyday driving, but im not 100% decided yet.........