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  1998 Clio 1.2 8v
Well two problems...
the rubber sort of boot that attaches to the axel n the like hub?? shite description but its packed full of grease but it keeps coming off
any body got a clue how your ment to fix these on?? :(

and the other one is... when ever i turn the wheel half a turn when going round a corner i can feel a clicking throught the steering wheel and hear it?? through the same wheel the boot is coming off?

any one got any solutions?? or an idea??
  1998 Clio 1.2 8v
well have figured out its the cv boot ...

i have a metal clips but they just wont tighten up around it :S
i know the boot has a little bump in it that fits on the one on the metal bit but it still wont stay on any ideas??