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my car develop a knocking noise at the left back corner, sound like a lose wheel nut but it was all nice and tight, it only happens occaionally when im turning left, what could it be?

no baering wont knock unless completlelybugered, and then the disc would be kncoking about in the caliper.
check the whole hub assembly...i.e jack the car and wobble the wheel like crazy.
  Williams 2, STi N12

If you loosen all the wheel nuts and then wobble it only your wheel will wobble and not give you any indication what is wrong. Keep the nuts tight jack it up and give it a good spanking - up down left right. In your haynes manual (buy one if you havent got one) it tells you the tolerance of movement to check if a bearing is shagged or not. Oh make sure your handbrake is off at the time too.