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I just bought a clio 16v on an L plate, after having been to look at 3 really crap ones I decided on one in scotland which I bought. Having not much of a clue about Renaults in general and purchasing in the pissing down rain and bleak weather I found a lot wrong with the car the next day when I got it home, yeah I know it served me right. But enough moaning Im determined to sort it out somehow. What could be wrong with the trip computer? Its digi display is all to c**k and my electric windows dont work.. also the clutch clable snapped tonight which I had to repair. All in all I think Ive made a *big* mistake buying the car. Im going to live to regret it I think :-(
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ok there is no trip comuter on a 16v just a temp display whats the exact problem!

cluch cabe wise that mite be just unlucky! as for the windows i dont know much bout the electic stuff but no dout somone will!

most important though is the engine fine if so u shouldent regret it 16vs generally have high maintainance so expect some things need doing!

Hope thats of some help

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Windows, sound like the regulators to me.

Trip computer, as Matt said doesnt exist.

Clutch cable, general clio problem just bad luck on the timing.

As for living to regret it, wait till youve blown a few cars away, youll love it reguardless of maintenance costs. All us fellow 16v/willy drivers know about expense.


Well looked like a trip computer to me lol, i dunno what it is its just knackered. ive sorted the clutch cable but thats all, i think it needs a starter too by the groan after the engine has kicked over. it has a magnex exhaust and a k+n 57i kit but is still flat, dunno just think i bought a lemon :-(

windows are a major problem on all clios. Mine has only done 23K miles and one of the windows didnt work and both didnt work on my old RT. You have to take them to bits and give them a good spray with electrical cleaner, it worked for me on both cars

Thanks Ill give it a shot, just had to buy a sunroof kit from renault.. 170 quid cause some numb nut has siliconed the sunroof shut :confused:

Also I can hear a funny noise sounds like the fanbelt but its not that, perhaps a bearing noise waterpump perhaps?! When you rev the car the noise is always the same tempo like a high squeak.