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Anyone using it? i got started last night and am finding it much better than the regular torrent sites. Perhaps a move forward in all things torrent?

Taken from isohunt

With a short review at Torrentfreak and a mention in my interview with BBC, I'm excited to finally announcing a public preview of our spinoff project ! We have spent 2 years developing this, and I assure you this will change the way you think of a BitTorrent site and file sharing.

How is Hexagon different? The biggest conceptual change is everything is shared within groups you can join and create yourself. These groups can be public, based on interests or made by independent bands, film makers, game studios, etc. for promotional purposes. They can also be made private, so you can very easily and comfortably invite your friends to a private group for sharing your private videos and such. You can do this on Youtube and similar sites, but with BitTorrent, you can share any type of file and not only video, and there's no restriction on file format or size (as much as you can seed). In Hexagon groups, you can also share both torrents as well as flash videos so you get the best of both worlds. This blend of BT and flash video sharing is an unique first.

Another big feature of Hexagon is organization. We've seen through the rise of sharing on BitTorrent, volume of spam rises with its popularity. We've addressed this on isoHunt with comments and rating powered by you, but on Hexagon we've taken organization and spam control to a whole new level technically. Hexagon is (currently) invite only, so if a spammer gets in somehow and start inviting other spammers and creating other accounts, we can chain ban such with relative ease. Hexagon have also taken a very sophisticated approach to files organization. Besides tags now commonly found on many sites, Hexagon did away with the traditional "Videos", "Audio", etc. general categorization and instead, you can label or link your torrent posts with Semantic Web resources. For example, a firefox 3.5 torrent should associate to the Firefox resource, and under the Firefox resource you can easily browse all torrents in association for different versions of Firefox. This is a definite first for any social media site, and goes a long way in organizing the huge volume of torrents being shared.
  BMW e46 320 Ci Sport
been on newsgroups for years myself, but thats not really the point of my post.


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if you use newsgroups then why would you ever feel the need to touch torrents?

I've not used them since finding rapidshare and newsgroups a few years back, in comparison they are poor.
  BMW e46 320 Ci Sport
dk - reason being is that newgroups do'nt always have the latest releases in some areas if i'm honest. i use nsbmatrix newsbiin and newsbee which are the top 3 afaia and there is alwayss tuff on torrents which isn't on ng.


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I find newsgroups are best for the popular stuff and BitTorrent is best for obscure stuff.
For example, the other day I wanted to download both series' of The Royle Family. Didn't exist on Usenet anywhere. Found it on BitTorrent easily enough and all 7 or so gigabytes had downloaded in a couple of hours. Not as fast as grabbing an NZB and rinsing Giganews but at least it means I can still get hold of the older stuff.
I do intend to start using RapidShare as well, but I'm being a bit tight at the moment due to spending loads on the car and house so I don't want to pay for a premium account when I don't need one.
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Signed up to newsdemon yesterday had an email offering 50% for life. It costs me £6 a month for 20 256bit ssl connections, unlimited downloads and 400 day retention.

Cant believe i was paying giganews $29 for pretty much the same deal! If anyone wants the code pm me. So far so good with newsdemon seems just as good as giganews but considerably cheaper.