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Hey guys! Does anyone know this Clio!

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New to the forum!

thinking about buying this Clio.

Does anyone know it... does it have a dark past ??

Due to new interior the Air bag light is on can this be fixed ?

and also due to 172 rear axle the ABS light is on ... Major problem or one of those things?? will everything still work???

Many Thanks in advance



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lol At even considering a car someone can't be arsed to clean for pictures, and then takes them on a builders yard!
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welcome to cs

totally agree with that ^^^

also says it has rain sensative headlights???? tbh he should know all that sort of stuff if he has built it :S

imo avoid it and get a cheap C1 or yaris ect like fletcher said

not two menton poor speeling and gammer. :rasp:;)

pot ltd Che

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Airbag light is either due to ill fitting connectors under the seat (5 minute job-Remove connectors and solder the wires instead) or its had a smack and the airbags have gone off. If its the latter, it needs a new computer and they are mega bucks from Renault.

ABS light could be anything. Its an MOT failure though, so bear that in mind.

But to answer your last question, if the light is on, it won't work. ABS or Airbags. So good luck if you have to brake suddenly in the wet before you go up the back of a transit! lol!!