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hi all!!

  clio 1.8 8v
Hi there everyone im new to this site! smashing site guys!! Im David and im renault daft! i had a 1.2 8v mk3 clio, 1.4 16v clio dynamique and now have a 1.8 8v mk1 clio. i have previously driven a phase 2 clio 172. i am renault daft!! :rasp::rolleyes:

i was wandering if there was anybody on here who drives/owns a renault 5 of any kind!? They are my favourite type of renault and i would love to own one just as a wee project. wicked cars and have a wicked rasp especially the 5 gt turbos! yeah would love to see some pics of some of your renault 5's

cheers kenzie!!:cool:
  clio 1.8 8v
haha sorry about that bud! deffinatley one of the best (and most popular) forums i have come across! excellent effort guys! especially to keep it up and running for so long!