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Hi. Clio 200 Scuderia Spring detail.


ClioSport Club Member
Long time no post. I've not been on here in ages but I thought I'd fire a thread up after all of today's effort.

Since my last thread, I've had the front bumper re-painted (Again. Stonechips are the bain of my life) and I've had four new Conti 5 XLs all round.

The car's now just ticked over 30,000 miles and I've had it almost two years. Aside from a gearbox replacement last summer (LOL) it's been faultless.

Anyway, there's probably about three people on here now that remember me, so I'll stop waffling.


Pre-washed with Chemical Guys Citrus stripper.
Wheels washed with Chemical Guys PH Neutral and agitated with CG brushes.
Iron X applied to all surfaces and left to dwell for 15 minutes.
Clayed with Sonus Mild and Born Slippy.
Machine polished with G220 and Megs Microfibre pads.
Switched to a Sonus finishing pad and applied AF Tripple to all surfaces.
Sealed with three layers of Zaino Z2 applied and then left for 30 minutes each.
Wheels sealed with Prima Wheel Armour.
Tyres dressed with Wolfgang's Matte Mousse.
Glass cleaned with AF Crystal.

So yeah, that's about it. Around six hours in total and an 8am start. Nice.

Anyway, here's some sub-par photos from my iPhone. Enjoy. Ish. :cool:

Hope everyone's ok. :)







ClioSport Club Member
Looks fat as fook from behind. I like.

If you are going to become a regular poster again, you do realise it will have to be traded in for a Fiesta ST (like everyone else) ;)
Really like that tbh, stance is perfect height and spacing for a 200 IMO

I would suggest a cup spoiler if you were to change anything else but doesn't really need it and I bet you had though about it lol


ClioSport Club Member
Later 200s had a white rev counter. Much nicer.

Cup spoilers look AWFUL. It has a GT spoiler which actually suits the car rather than make it look like a pram. :)
Thanks. :)

Please tell me that you've not ruined that 182. No green sh*t all over it?

You are the same fella, right? I've been away ages.
The very same, not a single drop of green on the 1.2 when it was 'finished' and the 182 is pretty OEM atm but check out the thread ;)

He's put on THOSE bullets. But we won't go into that.
This is the only thing I can see people having a problem with tbh

But this is a thread about your car mate Christopher so let's just enjoy how nice it is :)