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Hi form France !

  Clio Cup Mk1
Hello !

I'm Jeremy, i'm french, from Bordeaux.

I own a Clio MK1 16v from 1991, called "Clio 16s" in France, and got only 23.000 miles when i bought it last year !!!

I found it in a barn where it was stored since 1998 !

I "restore" it and do it as my trackdays car.

See You !

  Clio Cup Mk1
One little pics to start ....

Should i make a complete description here or in Clio Projects section ?

Thanks ...
  Clio Cup Mk1
Thanks ;)

Before making my Clio presentation, here my 2 other cars...

My Daily :

Peugeot 106 "Enfant Terrible" ( for you like a quiksilver series whit more options and other colors !)
- 1400cc - 75bhp
- 15" wheels Peugeot "Ouragan",
- PTS suspensions, Eibach springs, -30mm
- 106 GTI brake, OMP Disk + EBC Red pads
- 106 GTI anti-roll bar + Strut brace upper & lower
- Induction kit,
- Bigger inlet manifold,
- Exhaust manifold 4/2/1 + decat + Group N Exhaust


And my Wife's one,

Twingo 1.2 16v

- Green air filter,
- Weitec Suspensions & Springs -40mm
- Clio S mk1 wheels
- And some finishes

  Clio Cup Mk1
Thanks ;)

Your a avid Trackday driver or not?

Yes i practise Slalom too with the 106, and finished 3rd in 2007 and 1st in 2008 at the french cup in "standart" series.

Before having the Clio, trackdays were with the 106 and now, everytime it's possible i do it with the clio but tracks are not near from my home and between job, family & other interests, hard to find time !

You can find here the complete presentation of the Clio ;)