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Hi From Dubrovnik!

  Clio III RS 200

greetings from a new member from Dubrovnik, Croatia. I heard a lot of positive things about this forum before, but now I have a great reason to join it: I ordered a red Clio RS 200 with cup suspension and some other extras some 20 days ago and I hope to get it as birthday (Dec 19), Xmas or New Year present the latest :cool:

Previously I had a Clio II 1.4 16v, upgraded with Bilstein B12, OZ wheels, OMP strut etc. and during the last year I was driving Megane III Coupe dci 130 which will go to my dad once the Clio gets here.

I'm a member of the Renault Klub Hrvatska, croatian Renault Club and a moderator at the Croatian Renault forum. I hope to get a lot of first hand info on the new 200 here (to make the long waiting more fun) and then share some usable experience when my Clio comes ;)
  Inferno 182
Hey there! Welcome :D Congrats on the purchase... you need to get pics when you get it! Hopefully for your birthday!


  V6, R500, Jeep SRT
Welcome, Dubrovnik is probably one of the most beautiful places i've ever been!
  Clio III RS 200
Thanks for the welcome everyone! Nice to see quite a lot familiar nick-names, friends from local Croatian forum ;)
As for the English, it’s a kind of professional deformation – I’m a graduate & employee of the American (the people who don’t drive above 70 mph on 14 lane highways) College here in Dubrovnik, but I apologize in advance for spelling errors once I get to serious discussions :)
Off course, you can count on a lot of pictures as soon as the car comes!