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hi from germany, clio cup 200

  Clio Cup 200

my name is marc and i bought a clio cup 200 in alien green!:star:
it is some of the best cars i have ever driven!
so much fun!

  Clio200 EDC Lux
Welcome to CS, not sure why pics ain't showing on here, however if you copy link to broswer you can see them :S


  Clio 200 Cup
Good pictures (like the white and green one in the same picture), I too am a new Clio 200 Cup owner, really great cars!
  Clio 200 Black and White
good stuff.

what tyres are you on?

Takes the M3 quite a while to pull away from you.

How is your 200 holding up to the regular track use by the way?
  Clio Cup 200
how much track time do you get out of one set of tyres?

normal street tyres-conti sc3 20 rounds!
normal street tyres hankook rs or kumho ku 15 - 60 rounds!
semi slicks-michelin pilot sport cup-70 rounds, but 10 seconds quicker!

rear: lifetime!:boring: