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Hi, I’m new with a clio, but have lots of megane’s

  Megane r26r
Hi, some may know me as I’ve had Renault and renaultsport cars since I past my test in 1997
If you can think of it, I’ve prob had it:
Fuego turbo
R5 turbo2
Clio v6

currently, I’ve (I think) 7 Megane 2 rs:
225 trophy
225 f1 x2 (a 1/4 black and one common blue)
R26 in ly
X2 r26r

but, I’ve run out of megane to collect, so I bought a r27

few little bits to sort, but I’m quite happy with it

anyway, hi 👋


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ClioSport Club Member
You need a 225 cup in capsicum. And a bigger drive😂. R27 looks nice and if you get bored of it you can always put a Meg engine in, if you can find a spare one🤔😂.
  LY Meg Cup-S + MX5
Nice collection.

But why so many the same? Variety the spice of life? Surely would be better to have an R26R & a 275 Trophy-R rather than 2 X R26R. Are the 225's worth having once you have a R26?
  Megane r26r
I’ve had my 225 from new in 2004

with so many being broken, I’ve decided to save one of each type/model

the megane 3 has never interested me. I was looking at a megane 4 trophy-r but with so many people having issues, I’ll leave it a few years.